The CommToZero platform is under construction and will be launched mid-September!

CommToZero is a coalition of all Belgian media and marcom federations with the following ambitions:

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  • Commit
    To being a part of, and a champion for, the global Race to Zero and encourage best practices throughout the marketing value chain.
  • Scale
    The capability of marcom organisations to lead for climate action, by providing tools and guidance for all stakeholders.
  • Harness
    The power of marketing communications to drive more sustainable consumer behaviours.
  • Reinforce
    A trustworthy marcom environment, where sustainability claims can be easily substantiated so that consumers can trust the marcom messages they are presented with.
  • Build & Update
    A platform from & for the Belgian marcom sector, based on its’ two responsibilities as an industry to build a route towards zero carbon and zero greenwashing.
  • A structured approach
    Towards zero carbon and zero greenwashing is essential for a coherent journey that embraces all activities of the value chain.
  • Zero Greenwashing
    Zero Greenwashing

    Built around 6 principles, the coalition takes the responsibility to train, communicate, adapt, and update the marcom sector to prevent environmental misleading claims to be found in any communication channels.

  • Zero Carbon
    Zero Carbon

    Based on the stream of impact, the journey towards zero carbon is structured in 3 sections: In-house impact, Campaign production efforts & Channel planning efforts.