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Green = gold

Sustainable business provides many benefits for your company, such as savings, creative innovations and competitive advantage. It is a solid boost to your corporate image, making you an interesting partner for new customers, investors and governments. Moreover you will have a hard time attracting young employees if you do not address your sustainability. More specifically, 72% of Gen Z will not want to work for you*.

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Economy can go hand in hand with ecology. Like restaurants that apply 10 smart eco-tips to save money. Or the Ecozones of bpost that distribute 100% emission-free letters and parcels through central mailboxes in the city. There are many hopeful examples. Some of our colleagues have already committed themselves, such as Air, which obtained its B-corp label in September 2022 and has been certified carbon neutral since 2020. Other pioneering agencies: Bubka, Bonka Circus and VO Events. Therefore an urgent message: stop being part of the problem, be part of the solution!