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In-house Carbon Academy

We created the In-house Carbon Academy which allows all companies in our industry to learn how to go from ‘zero effort to zero carbon’.

The question companies always ask themselves: “How do we start?” We do want to do something to reduce our ecological footprint, but we don’t know how or where to start.

How can your company move towards carbon neutrality, to climate neutrality, as soon as possible? What are sensible actions?  How to be sure actions matter?  Questions many companies struggle with. No surprise, since EU regulations for carbon reductions, will quickly change from “subsidisation” to “sanctioning”.  Sustainability is becoming a “licence to operate”.  Therefore, it is imperative to create a pathway to ensure the future of your company and our planet. 



What you get?

1. One year license to science-based Carbon+Alt+Delete in-house carbon measurement tool

2. Trained colleague(s) to manage your sustainability process

3. Basic carbon analysis of your company - scope 1 & 2

4. Strategy and (optional) action plan to evaluate towards carbon neutrality


  • Half Hero TEE
    In-house Carbon Academy

    Translate complexity of numbers into concrete guidelines, policies, and activities to make sustainability actionnable.

  • half hero cad
    In-house Carbon Calculator

    To help companies measure their greenhouse gas emissions in an intelligent and organised way, Carbon+Alt+Delete has created a carbon calculator tool to keep track of everything.

  • Session 1: Introduction & Onboarding

    - How to start carbon footprinting?

    - Which data to collect?

    - What’s Scope 1 & 2?

    - Software-onboarding

    - How to start?

  • Session 2: Q&A

    - What is hard? What didn’t you understand?

    - What challenges do you face?

    - Which data didn’t you acquire?

  • Session 3: Review of outcome

    - Review of the outcome between different companies

  • Session 4: Strategy meeting

    - You know your environmental impact, what now?

    - From measurement to actions

  • Optional Session 5 : Action plan (1 to 1)

    An executable plan based on your analysis of Scope 1 & 2

    - "short" and "long-term" plan (2y)

    - Create internal support

    - In/external communication

    - What’s next?