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Why Zero Carbon

The world is in dire need of change. Agreements have been made on an international level, but it’s time for action. By 2030, we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 55%. By 2050 the goal is net zero. Reaching a 55% reduction by 2030, means we need to cut our carbon emissions by 27,5% by 2025.  This is only two and a half years away.

Talking to a lot of companies showed that the intention is there. Businesses want to act, but they don’t know where to start. The ‘why’ is clear, the ‘how’ is not.  That’s why we decided to help our industry reach zero carbon.

We understand “carbon” is only one aspect of sustainability, but CO₂ is by far the most talked about and commonly known actor. And not without reason. Greenhouse gases are the main reason for global warming, with ‘carbon’ being (next to methane) one of the main culprits.

Zero Carbon

How to start your carbon reduction journey

Sustainability can’t be handled haphazardly. A concrete, well-thought-out plan is the key to true change. This is why CommToZero came to life. As an organisation, we want to help the communication- and marketing industry become more sustainable.

By presenting you with the tools, software, knowledge, training, and inspiration needed, we hope, that as a company, you will be able to create a path towards zero carbon. By starting with a carbon analysis, you can define a long-term strategy, with concrete actions, and a concrete plan to become zero carbon.



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