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Production efforts

The production of a communication campaign involves numerous stakeholders such as the client, the creative agency, and the production house. Each of the stakeholders holds a duty to curve their emissions close to zero from pre- to post-production.

The complex process of a campaign production might hinder keeping track of its environmental impact. Therefore, CommToZero has set up the Production Carbon Calculator to help you measure, identify, and reduce the environmental footprint of a campaign production.

Campaign Production

Production Carbon Calculator

The free-to-use Carbon Calculator analyses the carbon footprint of 4 different campaign assets. It measures the CO₂-equivalent of a campaign and everything that might be a source of carbon emissions throughout the process from pre- to post-production. For example, travel, accommodation, catering, as well as visual editing and printing.

  • Visual assets

    Anything related to a photo production (campaign visual, production shooting, etc.)

  • Audio-visual assets

    Anything related to a film/video (TV film, OLV, documentary, interview, case film, etc.)

  • Radio Assets

    Anything related to an audio production (radio spots, podcasts, VO recording, etc.)

  • Digital assets

    Anything related to digital production (bannering, website, programmatic, preroll, etc.)

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