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In-house efforts

Becoming sustainable is a process, starting by looking to your own activity, your in-house activities. Companies have a big impact on the necessary changes, and they can take many different steps toward sustainability.

However, knowing what you’re doing, what the impact you’re making, and how far along you are in this journey, are crucial elements.

Inhouse Efforts

The power of science

As a company, going in blind when developing a sustainability strategy, is not the way to go. It all starts with having a basic understanding of your company’s current status. Through science-based measurement, your company can define its impact on our planet and make impactful, and most of all substantiated changes. 

This baseline analysis enables you to develop an underpinned strategy, with clear actions for the coming years. That strategy is translated into a two-track policy:

  • Mid-term impact actions: climate action, such as energy optimalisation
  • Actions for awareness and reducing environmental impact: such as excess waste, plastic, nitrogen, …

Next steps