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Media efforts

Media planning is the process of determining which media channels and platforms should be used to communicate with target audiences and developing a schedule and budget for those activities. Carbon measurement can play a role in media planning by helping companies to understand and consider the environmental impact of their media activities.

Channel Planning

Media Carbon Calculator

The Media Carbon Calculator is a tool that allows users to estimate the carbon emissions of a media campaign. The calculator uses this information to estimate the carbon emissions of the campaign based on data and hypotheses about the energy consumption and emissions of various media types. The calculator also takes into account factors such as the energy efficiency of the equipment used to produce the media and the carbon footprint of any travel or transportation required for the campaign.

  • Audio-visual Media


  • Online Display


  • Mobile Display


  • Online Search


  • Social Media


  • OOH Advertising


  • Transient Advertising


  • Print Advertising


  • Mailing Advertising