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Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the most decisive crisis of our time, and it is happening even more quickly than we feared. Billions of tons of CO₂ are released into the atmosphere every year with no sign of slowing down. This is a race we are losing, but it is a race we can win. Knowing there are solutions for more than 70% of today’s emissions, financial and time constraints are not the only factors holding us back. This will require fundamental transformations in all aspects of society, the way we work, think and act towards our survival. 

The subtle art of communication plays a defining role in the way we deal with the climate crisis. We have the power to accelerate the transition by making our part of the work, being: Drive our carbon emissions down to a minimum level and prevent greenwashing at all costs.

CommToZero coalition is born from the idea that together we can help the Belgian communication industry work towards zero carbon and zero greenwashing. These two topics are the fundamental parts we must work on as an industry to help our society move towards a low carbon economy.