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My Impact Tool - More than just reporting

My Impact Tool is a tailor-made platform dedicated to improving the environmental and societal performance of event & communication projects.

It generates a detailed report on the project's impact in several areas: biodiversity, circular performance, contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), carbon footprint, digital footprint & inclusion.

My Impact Tool helps you reach these objectives:

  • To guide any users in their sustainable development efforts by providing tips & a report that instantly identifies areas that need improvement. There is no prerequisite to start using our tool, you simply have to know you project.

  • To elevate awareness and knowledge about the sector major impact & issues. Users will progressively develop and integrate sustainable practices from the project's inception and will be able to compare themselves to peers in the same sector.

  • To meet increasingly strict environmental reporting requirements. It takes into account the whole value chain of a project conception & production, allowing any actor to measure and transparently present its results.

My Impact Tool believes in empowering positive change. 

How it works

  1. Understand your impact
    Get a complete overview of your impact and identify areas that need your attention.
  2. Start your transition
    Create sustainable reflexes among your teams and empower them to reduce your impact.
  3. Share your results
    Communicate your results internally and externally, and promote sustainable habits.

Who is this tool for?

  • Event agencies 
    Calculate the environmental impact of your event and your communication campaign

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Start with a free trial. Afterwards, if you are a member of ACC or Event Confederation, ask your  discount code with your association.