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Sustainability Academy

The Sustainability Academy is an online certification program to equip your organization with practical insights and skills for driving the shift toward a sustainable future, created by The Ecological Entrepreneur and CommToZero. You will gain not just strategic knowledge but hands-on, practical solutions to benefit your organization

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Sustainaility Academy

You think it’s a huge challenge? We get you started course by course.

 The Different Courses of the Sustainability Academy

1.     Fundamentals of Sustainability (The Ecological Entrepreneur)
This course provides you with the solid fundamentals of sustainability. From exploring the principles of sustainability and understanding the context to examining key frameworks and metrics, our courses cover all the essentials you need to know.

2.     CSRD Regulation Concept (The Ecological Entrepreneur)
Sustainability reporting standards like CSRD, ESRS, and VSRS are key frameworks shaping organizational transparency and accountability. Gain insights into the intricate landscape of sustainability legislation, fostering a strategic mindset and inquiry framework within your organization.

3.     GHG Emissions Scope 1 & 2 (The Ecological Entrepreneur)
The scope 1 & 2 emission calculation section equips you with the resources and expertise needed to effectively measure your organization's carbon footprint. 

4.     GHG Emissions Scope 3 (The Ecological Entrepreneur)

Let's delve into the complexities of Scope 3 emissions, which encompass all indirect emissions that occur as a result of because of an organization's activities but are not directly owned or controlled.

5.     Production Carbon Calculator (CommToZero)

This course teaches you how to start measuring and reducing the Carbon Footprint of the creation and production of your campaigns. And how to integrate sustainability into your day-to-day. Helping you and your clients start being part of the solution. Course by Pauline Héraly – CEO Air 

6.     Media Carbon Calculator (CommToZero)

This course teaches you how to create a successful setup, how to measure the footprint of the media campaign and how to reduce your footprint. Helping you and clients start creating a better impact on the planet. Course by Stephanie Radochitzki, Mediabrands and Jonathan Jacoby, Space

7.     Zero Greenwashing Guidelines (CommToZero)

Organizations have a role to play as being part of the solution and helping clients/consumers make informed decisions about their purchases. During this course you will learn to communicate in a meaningful and transparent way about your environmental efforts. This course is essential for strategists, copywriters, and concept providers. Course by Lina Corrigan, ACC. 

Who is this online academy for? 

  • Leaders and management.
    Guide your organization toward a more sustainable future, these courses are for you.

  • (aspiring) Sustainability managers.
    Discover the latest tools and practices to enhance sustainability initiatives.

  • Sustainability enthusiasts and responsible. 
    Gain practical knowledge and become a catalyst for positive change in your organization.

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