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Get inspired by Propaganda’s journey towards Zero Carbon

Propaganda understands the urgency and is starting its transition journey from fossil to emission-free energy. The goal is to become climate neutral by 2028. Guided by The Ecological Entrepreneur, this is their trajectory: everything starts with the calculation of the current carbon footprint. Through an employee survey they know the attitude towards sustainability. An eye-opening presentation makes everyone aware of the importance of sustainable business. After the strategic recommendation and concrete tips from The Ecological Entrepreneur, Propaganda can knock off the action points. Time for action and regular review.

Propaganda Cirkel

Map your CO2 emissions

The international standards of The Green House Gas Protocol define 3 scopes for mapping the CO2 emissions of companies. Propaganda decided to start with scope 1 and 2. They do it step by step, because every step is better than waiting and doing nothing. They will tackle scope 3 during the year 2023.

Scope 123

6 steps journey

These are essential steps Propaganda made.

  • Step 1: Zero measurement

    Analysis of CO2 emissions. How much does my company consume today: electricity, water, gas, petrol, diesel?

  • Step 2: Survey of all employees

    How do they relate to global warming? What is the level of support?

  • Step 3: Awareness

    Presentation by The Ecological Entrepreneur to raise awareness throughout Propaganda.

  • Step 4: Strategic recommendation

    Together, The Ecological Entrepreneur and decision management: what is the goal and what will we do concretely? E.g., install solar panels, plant a forest, etc.

  • Step 5: Internal communication

    Motivate troops and set up actions on short and long run.

  • Step 6: Evaluation

    Annual evaluation and adjustment.

Zero measurement

At the end of August 2022, accounting colleagues made an overview of the consumption of year 2021. They delivered all the figures to The Ecological Entrepreneur who then performed the calculation. That is the zero measurement. In early September, all employees received a survey in their mailbox with which The Ecological Entrepreneur gauges commitment: how strongly does sustainability live in your company?

Survey of all employees

Propaganda employees understand the urgency:

o 98% are convinced there is global warming caused by human activity.

o 98% are concerned about it.

o 78% have already experienced personal impacts such as heat and drought.

o 74% are convinced it is not too late to combat global warming.

three sustainability pillars

Awareness presentation

Made by The Ecological Entrepreneur to rise awareness throughout Propaganda's team.

Strategic recommendations: More awareness, more action

The 4th step in the journey is The Ecological Entrepreneur's strategic recommendation to Propaganda: what can we do as a company to reduce our carbon footprint? Solar panels, electric driving, switching to a sustainable bank... The Ecological Entrepreneur advises, the management decides and then it is time for action! More about that soon!

Internal communication: Make some noise in company

This transition can only succeed if it is supported by your employees. That is why the task force regularly motivates colleagues to think and act more sustainable. At Propaganda, for example, Wednesday has been declared No Waste Wednesday with a weekly post on Propaganda's intranet. With helpful tips around food waste, no more printing, deleting emails and so much more. Every step counts!

No waste Wednesday Propaganda

Want to know more about this journey or how you can start becoming more sustainable today?

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